Designmine, an internationally orientated design and project management studio,
active in exhibition design, in- and exterior design with our own production facilities
in the Netherlands and partners all over Europe.

We focus on high quality in design and production. Attention for our clients, a flexible organisation and a clear working process are self-evident. Affordable solutions are the result of our professional approach and low cost organisation.

Our experience in the field of marketing enables us to translate client wishes into high standard concepts. A sober but enthusiastic approach with a healthy urge for renewal.
We are not afraid to search depth in our work in our aim for perfection.

Not afraid of profound work in our aim for perfection. In this, we have the possibility to go further than other design offices in our field, mainly because of our broad network of communication specialists and suppliers.

Designmine clients operate in the international field of B to B and business services.
They have an eye for quality, an awareness for the importance of design, dare to distinguish and are not afraid of innovation.